Coordinated | technological singularity

Semantic streams

Intelligent space, responsive to our feelings and thoughts. The virtual environment, which has become our boundless new hands, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin. The exit of a mind beyond the limitations of a body

Research process

Semantic streams make it possible to find people instantly in order to solve particular tasks collaboratively, thus fundamentally multiplying intellectual resources dedicated to their solution. Like never before in the history

Configuring tissues

Thanks to two-way communication with every cell of a body, we form human-computer connectome and are able to control all biophysical processes. We get the opportunity to modify and create evolving neural patterns


Addresses- and requests-independent structured waves of data, circulating permanently


Of the || construction | way 


Finding people to collaborate in any tasks and in any field becomes significantly easier, whether it is a practical or theoretical, private or public issue, or whether you want to remain anonymous or share personal information

Floating chains

Architecture allowing to perform chains operations as well in third-party ledgers, tangles and computing systems, with interactions of autonomous agents, while being an independent toroidal layers


A highly intelligent Integrated AI that helps identify unobvious interrelations between phenomena and find optimal solutions in various life and activity areas. Part of you, helping you to think more broadly, accurately and faster

Knowledge acquisition

Thanks to virtual and mixed environment in the process of knowledge and skills acquisition, there is an opportunity to obtain clear and evident specifications from the IAI at any time. It makes acquiring new knowledge and experience fundamentally faster and more efficient

Intelligent models

New interfaces of interaction with computing devices make possible to create a space of one’s own feelings, emotions, attitudes to something. To construct intelligent models. Accessible for multi-sensory perception, analysis, comprehension in virtual and mixed reality

Internalized interlocutors

It becomes possible to interact with other people's images, their ideas, process or phenomenon models, as if those were one’s own thoughts and sensations, thus building a dialogue with others as with one’s own internal interlocutors, acquiring situational unity


in a fundamentally new world

Cybercortex big picture 

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Priority scopes

Of semantic streams