Collaborative AI

Complex system based on decentralized Integrated AI as human-computer connectome

Coordinated technological singularity

We provide the roadmap and synchronization of leaders efforts results
in variety fields of activity

Semantic Streams

Intelligent space, responsive to our feelings and thoughts. The virtual environment, which has become our boundless new hands, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin. The exit of a mind beyond the limitations of a body

Research Process

Semantic streams make it possible to find people instantly in order to solve particular tasks collaboratively, thus fundamentally multiplying intellectual resources dedicated to their solution. Like never before in the history

Neural Integration

Thanks to two-way communication with every cell of a body, we form human-computer connectome and are able to control all biophysical processes. We get the opportunity to modify and create evolving neural patterns

Components of Cybercortex realization

Which are the most important factors of freedom in conditions of total transparency
and control possibilities

Intelligent data streams

Data streams may be perceived fundamentally different. We are on the verge of a more perfect and more complete perception and modeling of reality

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Autonomous living systems

To realize the possibility of existence in the form of autonomous units, to ensure the safety of life, decentralization of life support systems is provided

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Decentralized authorities

In terms of the ability to control gene expression and total control over the physical and mental activity of an individual, the only form of power that has the least chance of harming a person is decentralized power

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Fast R&D cycle

A semantic stream and a system of scientific data distribution, as well as distribution of tools necessary for a work of research groups, allow to fundamentally accelerate the product development and implementation cycle

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We build the City

And here some of our buildings that provide creation and
implementation of the Cybercortex

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